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You Play, We Pay!

The team at SomethingNew is incredibly grateful to everyone who helps us execute on our 3 Whys.


     1. To give back through our social mission – SomethingGood.


     2. Changing the success trajectory of companies by providing critical talent and advisory services to drive business results.

     3. To change people’s lives. When we place a candidate in the right company it can transform their life and the lives of everyone around them.

2 plane tickets to anywhere in the world

  • Do you know GREAT COMPANIES that are looking for great talent?
  • Do you know GREAT CANDIDATES who are looking for a great company?

We know that GREAT PEOPLE always know GREAT PEOPLE, so if you know a company or candidate that
would be interested in trying SomethingNew, we’d love to hear from you.

Ways to WIN

  • Message any member of our team with the subject REFERRAL or you can email:
    [email protected] 
  • If the company you refer hires us or a candidate you refer gets hired, your name gets put into the contest.

That’s it!

You help us and we will thank you with the
trip of your dreams!

Anywhere in the world as long as the combined value of the tickets does not exceed $2000.00. Points have no cash value and cannot be exchanged for anything other than plane tickets.

*SomethingNew, LLC reserves the right to modify this promotion at anytime.