SomethingNew Career Ideas™ Advisory Services:

Provide you with the knowledge and support to map out your strategy to build a success and lucrative career.

Career Ideas Advisory Services

Nothing is more important then your health. So it’s critical to have health related professionals that you know and trust to help you live a healthy life.

Unfortunately, it’s very rare that people have the equivalent for what is arguably the 2nd most impactful part of their life…their career.

SomethingNew’s Career Ideas™ Advisory Services is the answer. If you’re thinking about a new job, need career strategy, LinkedIn & resume analysis, architecture and strategy and more schedule a free consultation.

“You can’t see the picture when you’re in the frame.”

You, like most people, have a person for almost everything, your finances, doctor, lawyer, your hair, pretty much every aspect in your life. Despite that, when it comes to having someone to go to for advice on managing your career, you probably do not have anyone. We would argue that outside of your health, your career is the most important area to have that person in place. Your career impacts every part of your life; your finances, your mental health, your relationships, and your physical health. So managing your career by having that go-to person that can help you play chess instead of checkers with your career is incredibly important.

The ROI is enormous. Your bank account will thank you.

Career Ideas

Services Provided:

✔ In-depth Career Strategy through our exclusive Accurate Search Accelerated Placement, ASAP™ process
✔ Detailed LinkedIn Analysis, Architecture & Strategy
✔ Detailed Resume Analysis & Architecture
✔ Job search advisory services
✔ Access to our massive network of influencers
✔ Proprietary Tools developed to make your life easy and give you a competitive advantage
✔ Access to invite-only exclusive events
✔ Signed copies of “Standing O!, “Standing O! Encore”, “Standing O! Salute” and “Standing O! Tribute


“SomethingNew’s career services provided insightful and incredibly valuable advice and guidance that lead me to rethink my approach and set a clear strategy for my career search. Everything they presented made sense from the very first step in the process. It was eye opening to see the little details to my resume and LinkedIn profile make a significant difference. Lastly, and most importantly, their genuine care taken at every step in the process was truly refreshing!”


-Al Rosenbaum, SVP of Sales