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Scott MacGregor

Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of SomethingNew, has 20+ years of experience as a top sales performer and Chief Revenue Officer in the technology industry working for and with Fortune 500/1000 companies. Highlights of his career include:

  • Record 5 consecutive American Business Awards Winner for Innovation (2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020)
  • Best of Staffing Winner 2020
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 94.4%
  • Non Profit Advisory Board Member for The Look for the Good Project & Blankets of Hope
  • Business Advisory Board Member for Rich Cardona Media, College Collections LLC & Stix
  • Advisory Council-Harvard Business Review
  • LinkedIn Hiring Advisors Member
  • Former Chairman of the Board for Elevate New York
  • Winner of Sales Executive of the Year, American Business Awards (2005)
  • By 29 recruited by tech start up as Chief Revenue Officer
  • Youngest National Account Manager in the history of Fortune 500 Company, Pitney Bowes

Scott MacGregor is the founder & CEO of
SomethingNew LLC, one of the
fastest-growing talent strategy companies in
the country. SomethingNew is a record
five-time recipient of the American Business
Award for Innovation and winner of Best of
Staffing. Beyond finding clients exceptional
talent, SomethingNew’s advisory services
called SomethingNew Labs™ save
companies millions of dollars through
teaching and providing proprietary tools
centered on the three pillars of an effective
people strategy: talent acquisition,
onboarding and retention. MacGregor’s
belief that good companies do good things
led him to establish SomethingGood™,
which is the social mission component of
SomethingNew. His first two books, Standing
O!, Standing O! Encore and now Standing O!
Salute are part of that mission as all of the
proceeds go to charity.

Did you know?

Scott MacGregor

Founder & CEO

I never missed a single class in 4 years of college
I had a Major League Baseball tryout (look at my LinkedIn profile and you can guess how well it went)
I’m pretty awesome at Brady Bunch and sports trivia and am ready to take on all challengers
I’ve been to Bora Bora
I own a guitar but can’t play
I have zero and I mean zero sense of direction
I don’t really know how to smile or dance
My lunch is sometimes peanut butter straight out of the jar
I have a relative who for years told her friends I went to Harvard (sorry Aunt Betty)
I hung out with Barry Manilow in Vegas (pictures can be sent on request)
I tried to rescue a seal lion who apparently didn’t need to be rescued in Cabo and it was less than pleased with me (the video can be sent on request).
I’m pretty obsessed with sampling different craft beers and stopped counting long ago at 500.
I don’t believe in ghosts or UFO’s or anything even remotely like that
I’m allergic to cheese but can eat cheesecake which I’ve been told makes no sense
I love the Great Lakes Brewing Co in Cleveland (if you send me Edmund Fitzgerald Porter we are true friends for life)
My wife is awesome and I’m not just saying that
I’ve watched full seasons of The Bachelorette (with my wife) and am only slightly ashamed of it
I cried when the Vikings lost Super Bowl XI (I was 1 day shy of turning 9)
Every year I predict the Vikings are going to win the Super Bowl (I’m obviously no Nostradamus but I am a positive thinker)
I’ve called in sick to work less than 5 times total in my entire career

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Jaime Diglio

I’ve been the captain of every sports team I’ve ever been on, in High School & College
I have many nicknames, jdiggs, diggs, my college teammates called me Mama Swede (I’m Swedish and have always been the team mom)
Scituate, Massachusetts is my hometown.
I wanted to play college basketball, but was told I wasn’t tall enough
I played college soccer, but don’t like running
Ironically I married into a family of runners & xc coaches
My husband ran at Duke University
I’m from Boston, but married a guy from NY, so we have a divided household (Sox vs.Yankees)
I was once a mascot for the New England Revolution, professional soccer team
As a kid I was extremely shy
Sara Blakely is my idol
I am the only person in my family to move out of Massachusetts

My first job was a camp counselor
I can say the alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds
My husband is a championship high school cross country coach
My 6 year old son can crush me in a 5K
One day walking down Park Avenue I saw a guy that looked familiar, I said hi… after I realized, it was Roger Clemens
My mom is the strongest person I know
In high school I spent one summer working the ice cream window at Friendlys
I never used to read, but have read over 70 books in the last 4 years. I will send my favorites on request
My two favorite movies of all time: Remember the Titans & Field of Dreams
I coach my son’s first grade basketball team.
Most amazing place I’ve been…tie between Cape town and Barcelona
My dad named me after the bionic woman, Jaime Sommers
I don’t watch TV, except for sports
I can’t whistle or snap my fingers (my kids make fun of me)
My favorite thing to do is drive my kids to school (on the days I can)
I am a terrible singer, but can bust out the dance moves on occasion
In college I spent a summer bartending on Boston Harbor Cruises.
People often come up to me and tell me that I look like two different celebrities. Can you guess who?
In high school I was obsessed with Larry Bird and knew the names of almost every NBA player
I used to work for Bobby Valentine, former manager of the Mets
Favorite Quote: We Rise by Lifting Others
My Philosophy: Always Choose Courage over Comfort

Did you know?

Leslie Bubello

I’ve had a lot of jobs:  Here’s a sample from High School: I worked in a movie theater, tended bar for private functions, was a sous chef at a fancy restaurant, cleaned offices and did clerical work for my father’s company.  Did I mention I sold Cutco Knives too and cut myself pretty good while doing a demonstration?

I grew up in a beautiful small town in Connecticut (same as Scott!), but have since lived in a lot of interesting places:  California, Italy, Malaysia, and England.

I love to travel and have been fortunate to travel for work and leisure throughout Europe, South East Asia, Australia, India and the U.S.  On the bucket list: Buenos Aires, Japan, and bare boating in the Carribbean.

I’ve jumped out of a perfectly functioning airplane, twice. I’m a bit of a speed demon and love jetskiing, go-karting and roller coasters. After driving a mini-van for several years, I now have a Mini-Cooper. My kids don’t love it but I do!

In college I worked at a tiny hotel in Malibu where David Letterman was a frequent guest.  This is in the days before cell phones and voicemail so I would have to write down and deliver his messages.  He is exactly the same person as you see on TV.

I love art, specifically paintings and seek out art museums in every city I travel.
I can’t tell a joke to save my life.
I had cancer once and survived it.

I follow the Buddha’s teachings and strive for “human revolution” – being the best possible version of myself.

Did you know?

Diane Ristau

I LOVE to dine outside in the summer.
I’m a coffee snob. I like really good, dark roast coffee.
I am not a wine snob. Give me a good glass of $5 chardonnay and I am happy.
The song Take It Easy by the Eagles always makes me smile.
I’ll go up against anyone in parallel parking contest and will probably win.
I love fitness! One of my favorite places to be is at the gym or exercising outside
Traveling is one of the best medicines out there. I highly recommend it! Especially in the middle of a Minnesota winter.

I have my MBA but find spreadsheets extremely boring.
I believe God created each of us for a purpose. Only when we find it are we fulfilled.
Three kids = busy, fun, rewarding, crazy life.
Favorite family past time – Cabin time, where the business of life goes away and we can truly relax and enjoy nature.
Music feeds my soul and helps me run faster… everything from Usher to Tim McGraw to Tobymac to Van Halen and even a little Justin Bieber!
My first job was working at McDonald’s.
If I’m crabby, two things always fix it = prayer and exercise!
I love dogs, especially labs.
I find New York City fascinating.
Bucket list = sky diving.
I once roller bladed 75 miles over two days.
I have no rhythm.

I’ve learned that most people have a lot more to offer this world than they know. Sometimes it just takes a little encouragement from ONE person to give the courage they need.

Did you know?

Kathy Leckey

I have been present for the births of two babies-soon to be three (other than my own)
I have seen the sunrise over the Grand Canyon.
I have had a guitar for 20 years and cannot play. Scott and I would make a terrible duet.
I have seen U2 and Liberace in concert, not at the same time.

I love chocolate and peanut butter, especially when they accidentally get mixed together.
I used to drive a 14 passenger Tour Bus at Niagara Falls.
I was a speaker at the 2014 TEDxYouth at Buffalo Conference.
Earth day is my favorite holiday.
“The Office” still makes me laugh out loud.
I never text lol, always hahahaha.
If I could have two wishes, they would be to be able to sing and swim.
Someday I would love to swim with dolphins.

Two awards I am most proud of: Ice Cream Scooper of the Month at Friendly’s in college and a Green Peace essay contest to Save the Seals in 5th grade..
I volunteered with the Red Cross for 3 weeks in Miami after Hurricane Andrew.
I always wanted to join the Peace Corps.
I love the Foo Fighters.

I once joined a support group for sugar addicts, where we fought our addiction “one day at a time.”
My happy place is a campfire on a beach at sunset.
I coached the Yankees for one winning season of t-ball.

I am full of gratitude.

Did you know?

Tabitha Cavanagh

I didn’t have my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich until I was 19.
I met my husband on my birthday while playing on the same coed softball team.
When I was in high school, I went to NYC and tried out for American Idol. Now, I sing professionally in my shower! Haha!
I once kissed a kangaroo in Australia!
When I need to bring the calm, I listen to “Holiday in Spain” by The Counting Crows. I immediately feel relaxed.

For a short time, I was a volunteer firefighter.
I climbed a glacier in the Canadian Rockies.
I love reading psychological thrillers. They are one of my guilty pleasures.
Every year, my husband and I host a huge chili cook-off for our friends and family!

My parents named my sister and me after the show Bewitched. Tabitha (the child) & my sister Samantha (the mom). We also share the same middle name, Elizabeth (Elizabeth Montgomery who played Samantha).
I was diagnosed with Stage III Colon Cancer at age 31 and beat it! Now, I’m advocating and raising awareness around young onset. #NeverTooYoung
I love sushi. If I could eat it daily, I would. I have passed the trait onto my daughter & we have sushi lunch dates!
I’ve had 5 major surgeries in my life. 4 of them occurred over less than a 2 year period.
Writing a motivational book is on my bucket list!
One of my favorite things to do is sing & dance in my kitchen with my mini. She’s my “why”!

This verse saw me through my cancer journey: “Arise, for it is your task, and we are with you; be strong and do it.” – Ezra 10:4

Did you know?

Travis McKenzie

I did my first Triathlon when I was 8 years old
I grew up in Australia and am an expert at Aussie slang – ask me for a word of the week!
I live in Boston, MA with my wife, son and daughter

My favorite place to visit is Maine, and I can give you an extensive list of restaurant recommendations
I appeared on the cover of Triathlete Magazine – picture on request
I have lived in 4 countries
I have completed 9 Ironman Triathlons including the World Championships in Hawaii
I was the race director of the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, lululemon’s signature global event
My wife is a faster runner than me, and better looking!
I love to cook for and eat as many meals with my family as possible
My super power is curiosity and I love having conversations with interesting people – let’s talk!

I once ran 30km on a treadmill outside a lululemon store in Toronto to raise money to provide at-risk youth access to sports

I broke my neck in a bike accident and there was a high probability that I wouldn’t walk again, I raced Ironman one year later!

I made my first ever snowman last week, at age 37!
I ALWAYS order the Margherita Pizza – it’s the true test of pizza making skills
Coffee – always black. Beer – always cold!
I am never starstruck, but probably would be if I met David Letterman
My audio interest consists of Rap, Podcasts or the Frozen soundtrack in equal measure

Did you know?

Joanne Schwartz

My drink of choice is Chardonnay, second only to Diet Pepsi.
I love Broadway musicals (The Toxic Avenger and American Idiot not withstanding!)

The entertainment at my 6th birthday was a local kid who called himself “Davino”. Today he calls himself David Copperfield!(Pictures available on request)

I love audiobooks, Scrabble and WordsWithFriends.
I have absolutely no sense of direction
I prefer Dunkin Donuts to Starbucks, Vanilla to Chocolate and Reeses’ to Godiva.
I listen better when I’m doodling.
I think in spreadsheets.

I love arts and crafts.
I am a news junkie.
I don’t believe in haunted houses – but would not want to spend the night alone in one!
I know just enough Spanish to get myself in trouble.
I cry at most movies and even some commercials! This cracks my daughter up!
Favorite gadget: “Alexa”
I don’t like shopping or going to the mall.

I’ve been happily married for 24 years and yet still cannot fathom that my husband chooses to do 140.6 miles of straight exercise in just for fun”!

We have two amazing kids that bring lots of laughter, sunshine (and laundry) into our home!

On my first-ever day of work (@ NJ Bell), I showed up in a suit only to be told that I needed to wear a hard hat and steel tipped shoes moving forward! (ß Boy, I sure could have used a good recruiter back then!!!) J

I am grateful every day for my family, my friends, my customers and my colleagues and I take none of this for granted.