John Barrows is one of the largest influencers in the world of SaaS sales with an astounding 350,000 followers and he is the CEO of JBarrows Sales Training with clients like Salesforce, Box, LinkedIn, Google, DropBox, Twilio etc.

What Our Clients are Saying About Us

Henry Aery

“SomethingNew is changing the way recruiting feels and their data driven Candidate Scorecard is bringing clarity to the talent search.”

“Optimal hiring is a complicated endeavor, particularly as it relates to sales and sales leadership. SomethingNew brings rigor and creativity to the search process, ensuring suitability and fit for both the hiring entity, as well for the sales professional seeking a new platform.”

Shawn Banerji

The Caldwell Partners


Darrell Amy



“Not only would I put Scott in the top 5% of sales leaders that I have ever met, I’ve also been impressed with the way he has embraced new platforms like LinkedIn to build his brand and recruit.”

“Scott MacGregor is an outstanding professional in every respect — his integrity and intelligence inspire complete trust, is highly effective in everything he devotes himself, and has won the respect of those who have been fortunate enough to work with him. He’ll be a great asset to the companies and the Talent that he places with each other.”

Mark Gerson



Debora Lehrer


“Scott and his team are really changing the game when it comes to recruitment. I’m excited to see SomethingNew’s growth and expansion – which is sure to be swift!”