New York, NY – January 16, 2019 – SomethingNew LLC is extremely excited to add Jaime Lannon Diglio to their growing team.  Jaime will be assuming the newly created role of President. In this role Jaime will be working with the SomethingNew LLC team to continue to aggressively expand their already successful talent acquisition/recruiting business and to build a consulting business based on three core areas; Talent Acquisition, Leadership and Onboarding Coaching and Consulting.

From hiring to inspiring Jaime has a track record of helping leaders lift culture, shift mindsets & leverage science and data to take people & revenue to the next level. As a Predictive Index® Partner she will provide our clients with the best talent optimization strategies to predict business success.

While still in college Jaime began her interest in sales and marketing with roles with the likes of the New England Patriots, Major League Soccer, FIFA World Cup Soccer and NBC News.  These roles solidified her love of sales and ultimately lead to 13 years of progressive accomplishments and responsibility with Gartner, Inc. (NYSE: IT) the world’s leading research and advisory company and a member of the S&P 500.

Her last position at Gartner was as Northeast Sales Leader-Investment Services & Insurance where she built a multi-million-dollar business from scratch by identifying and tapping into an underserved market. In this role Jaime continued her long-standing rank as one of the top sales leaders in North America.

After her remarkable career at Gartner, Jaime was recruited to join the NYC leadership team at Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) as National Sales Director-Banking, Capital Markets, FinTech & Insurance.  During her time at Microsoft she was charged with focusing on collaborative team building, consultative selling and coaching diverse thinking.

The pull of her entrepreneurial spirit led Jaime to found inFirst LLC a Coaching and Consulting firm focused on Leadership, Diversity and Onboarding.  Jaime will continue to support select clients that require help outside of the services provided by SomethingNew LLC.

Jaime is a graduate of Bryant University where she captained the women’s soccer team.  She went on to earn a master’s degree at Fairfield University in Industrial & Organizational Psychology.  Jaime also holds advanced certificates from the University of Pennsylvania in Positive Psychology and Culture Driven Team Building.

“I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to work with Jaime,” said Scott MacGregor, Founder and CEO of SomethingNew.  “Jaime is a remarkable sales leader. She has done an amazing job throughout her career to build world class sales teams based on embracing diversity and out of the box thinking.  Above all, Jaime is an incredible person who is in complete alignment with our values to build a unique company with a strong social mission” said MacGregor.

“I am thrilled to join Scott and the SomethingNew team and their mission to offer a new approach to hiring and inspiring talent.” Said Diglio.  More importantly to be aligned with their mission of doing something good. Winning with people used to be an art, but today it’s a science. When you hire someone new, you’re not just adding one or two people to the team,  you now have a “new team”. Think Moneyball for business, a team with a new set of unique skills, personalities and communication styles. To win, leaders must spend as much effort on the hiring as they do with the ongoing “inspiring” component of onboarding and team development.  I’m excited to give SomethingNew clients a competitive advantage, by coaching them how to use psychometrics, hard wired behavioral and cognitive data to build teams that win.”

About SomethingNew LLC

SomethingNew is the four time winner of The American Business Award, widely considered the “Oscars for business” for innovation.  A unique national talent acquisition and consulting company, specializing in leadership, sales and marketing. SomethingNew was created to provide a new approach to sourcing the most valuable asset a company has…their talented employees. SomethingNew provides a new approach, a new process and a new culture, generating a new level of success and satisfaction in bringing together the right candidate, the right opportunity and the right organization at the right time.  Learn more about SomethingNew at