Jaime Lannon Diglio ’00 is a sales and leadership coach, helping small and mid-sized companies develop their sales and leadership talent and manage through organizational change. She recently became President at SomethingNew, a talent acquisition and consulting company, and calls herself a sales talent optimizer.

“The way to activate people is by focusing on their strengths,” she says, “by building their courage and confidence.”
It’s something she learned as captain of the soccer team at Bryant, she says, instinctively adopting a natural leadership style that emphasizes courage instead of fear – something she sees too little of in business today.

She brought this perspective to her roles at leading research and advisory company Gartner, where she built a $40-million segment in financial services; and later at software and services behemoth Microsoft, where she was National Sales Director for the banking, capital markets, fintech, and insurance segments. But she left those roles behind because she saw leaders putting too much focus on shiny technology, and not enough focus on human factors that can make or break organizational shifts.

“It’s a competitive advantage today for a company to build strong teams with leaders who are self-aware and know how to empower and coach their people,” Diglio says.

“Really, every conversation is a sales conversation,” she points out, “because we’re trying to get people to pay attention to what we’re talking about,” whether it’s asking for help, interviewing for a job, or just relating to someone else. Sales is simply about moving people. Read full article HERE.