Every CEO will tell you that the most important asset in their company is their people. When I ask fellow CEOs, “What does the next level look like for your business and what will it take to get there?” the answer is almost always centered around the importance of their current people and people they need to get on the bus. These CEOs seem to believe in people before their product and before their process. They intellectually understand that talent wins. But when I ask a follow-up question, “How often are you meeting with your executive leadership team to discuss talent optimization?” the answer is almost always rarely or not enough.

Here’s an analogy we can all relate to. Ask your friend, your family, your spouse, your colleague, your boss, your employee if they agree with this statement: “If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything.” I bet you almost everyone will agree. Everybody knows taking care of yourself is important, but how often are they prioritizing it? Not enough.  Read full article HERE.