How I Work It

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Coolest incentive ever…

If you could travel anywhere you wanted to in the world where would you go? At SomethingNew we love to have fun and we especially love the community of incredibly supportive friends we have built. Giving back to them is something we are passionate about so we created a very cool and super simple incentive [...]

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The Importance of Next Man Up in Sports & Business

As a life long Minnesota Vikings fan every fall I vacillate between convincing myself my Vikes will finally win a Super Bowl and knowing they will likely break my heart once again.  Seeing our up and coming star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater go down on a non-contact play on the last day of pre-season practice is [...]

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3 Simple Steps To Network Your Way To Success

Networking has a bad rap because done the wrong way it's stressful, tedious and doesn't produce great results.  Going into a room full of strangers with a pocketful of business cards and your "pitch" ready to go is a recipe for disappointment. The same can be said for sending out a generic LinkedIn connection request [...]

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A Quick Story About Integrity

As many people may know SomethingNew was created in response to over a decade of less than stellar experiences that I encountered building a national sales force, marketing department and customer service organization.  I'm using a pretty big brush to paint an industry with but I do think there are a select few who "get [...]

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Three Business Lessons I Learned From My Dad

My dad owned his own business, a gas station, when I was growing up long before I had ever heard the word entrepreneur.  I started working there when I was about 9 or 10 years old and did just about everything from pumping gas and checking oil to cleaning bathrooms, sweeping floors and feeding the [...]

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Why I started SomethingNew

20 years of being a hiring manager, 17 as a VP of Sales & Marketing, left me with a pretty good sample of the recruiting world and suffice it to say, that with rare exception (you know who you are) they sucked. Why?  Read More

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Finding Tom Brady

As hiring managers we are all looking for our own Tom Brady, right? If you followed this weekends NFL draft you heard all kind of things mentioned to try to measure future success: 40 yard dash football IQ arm strength shuttle time vertical leap production in college bench press reps height weight age and on [...]

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You have someone for everything but…

I'm a big believer in outsourcing anything and everything that is not your core competency or saves you time and/or money.  I talk to extremely talented CEO's, VP's, all the way down to top people who are just getting started in their careers everyday and most have the same thing in common, they have people [...]

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Who are you, because I can’t find you (on LinkedIn)?

This is a very common scenario for many people using LinkedIn to find someone. You're on the hunt for a VP of Sales in Dallas and a friend says, "you should take a look at my friend Bill Pederson, he's amazing".  Off to LinkedIn you go.  You search for Bill Pederson he doesn't show up. [...]

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