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You can earn two plane tickets  plane-tick to ANYWHERE in the world!!! world

Do you know  GREAT companies that are looking for GREAT talent?

Do you know  GREAT Sales and Marketing candidates looking for a GREAT company?

We want to encourage people to share with us companies that are looking for sales and marketing talent and we want people to recommend to us candidates that fit the jobs we are trying to fill.  See Open Jobs. You help us and we will thank you with the trip of your dreams!

ANYONE is eligible to earn points.

10 points = 2 (two) planes tickets  plane-tick

Don’t stop at 10, your next 10 points earned will get you 2 (two) more plane tickets!!

How to earn points?

images Follow SomethingNew on li = 1 point

images Follow SomethingNew on tw  = 1 point

images Follow SomethingNew on ins  = 1 point

You must be following SomethingNew at the time of purchase for the points to count.

images Refer us to and make an introduction to a specific decision maker at a client that we sign a search fee agreement with = 2 points

images Refer a specific candidate that gets hired for a specific job opening that we are conducting a search for = 2 points


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