We give back through SomethingGood™ which is our belief that good business starts with doing good things. With that we enthusiastically promote and financially support three wonderful organizations, Keep on Playing, Stand Beside Them and Elevate New York. In addition, our entire company devotes a full day every April during National Volunteer Week giving back to worthy causes.

If these causes resonate with you, SomethingNew encourages you to please consider donating your time or hard earned money to their fight.



Elevate New York incorporates 13 vital character qualities and life skills into our daily classroom curriculum through a variety of writing exercises, reading materials, and group discussions. These qualities and skills are designed to develop the personal character and capabilities needed for success. On the most immediate, practical level we aim to increase school attendance and improve academic test scores.


Kevin Singleton

For over 25 years, Kevin Singleton has been inspiring students to make a difference on their campuses and in their communities. Traveling across the United States and internationally, Kevin has spoken to over 3 million youth, in 20 countries around the world.

Having played professional basketball in Europe, Kevin captures his audience through an amazing basketball exhibition—engaging students with an impacting message of persistence, hard work and vision casting.

In 2009, Kevin founded Elevate New York, an IRS registered 501c3, educational mentoring program in the Bronx, NY. Elevate is a model replication of the award winning program, Colorado Uplift. Uplift and Elevate New York, both produce graduation rates above 90%, in Title 1 schools of their respective cities, where the free and reduced lunch populations are also above 90%. As Kevin continues to travel and inspire young people, he is now challenging adults to join him and his team, as they provide a “Relational Solution To The Educational Problem In America.”

Education: Union College, BS in Accounting



Keep On Playing enriches the lives of our youth through play. When kids keep on playing, their experiences are enhanced exponentially.

  • Builds confidence, increases motivation and enhances self-esteem.
  • Jump starts participation in sports
  • builds teamwork and fosters learning
  • produces leaders
  • opens the door for youths to be part of positive opportunities

Marnie Schneider

Marnie Schneider, granddaughter of the former Philadelphia Eagles owner, began her career at NFL Films interviewing NFL players, coaches and owners through two Super Bowl seasons. Her resume also includes several acting roles including an unforgettable cameo as the first class flight attendant Joyce in The Wedding Singer. A devoted mother of three, Marnie nursed her eldest son through four years of cancer treatment, traveling the world in search of a cure—which she eventually found. She has brought from her childhood a firm belief in living every day like it’s the Super Bowl. She’s currently writing a book teaching the virtues of networking and successful relationships called, Coin Toss, she has a children’s book being published called Football Frankie and dedicates her business time to the super popular website Ladies Grab Your Balls and her charity Keep on Playing.

Education: Penn State University, BA in Journalism

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Kids learning to keep on playing may be something new for them and that’s why it’s important we show them the amazing results of success when you keep on playing
When kids play we all win!
Marnie Schneider, Keep On Playing
Thanks to corporate partners like SomethingNew, 97% of Elevate New York students graduate from high school, opposed to 58% of other students in the South Bronx. Thanks for your continued support!!!
Kevin Singleton, Elevate New York