Finding Tom Brady

As hiring managers we are all looking for our own Tom Brady, right? If you followed this weekends NFL draft you heard all kind of things mentioned to try to measure future success: 40 yard dash football IQ arm strength shuttle time vertical leap production in college bench press reps height weight age and on [...]

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You have someone for everything but…

I'm a big believer in outsourcing anything and everything that is not your core competency or saves you time and/or money.  I talk to extremely talented CEO's, VP's, all the way down to top people who are just getting started in their careers everyday and most have the same thing in common, they have people [...]

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Who are you, because I can’t find you (on LinkedIn)?

This is a very common scenario for many people using LinkedIn to find someone. You're on the hunt for a VP of Sales in Dallas and a friend says, "you should take a look at my friend Bill Pederson, he's amazing".  Off to LinkedIn you go.  You search for Bill Pederson he doesn't show up. [...]

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Overcoming & Preventing Negative Glassdoor Reviews to Avoid a “Dear John…” From Employees and Prospective Employees

Today a large part of a candidate’s due diligence is done by reading Glassdoor reviews. At SomethingNew we also read our clients reviews as a part of our own due diligence so that we are never surprised during our conversations with candidates. We have read hundreds and hundreds of Glassdoor reviews and have found that [...]

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