Making the most of your Microsoft experience

Alumna and staffing expert Jaime Diglio shares insider secrets of what recruiters want By Becky Monk   Jaime Diglio says life is too long to be in a job you hate. It’s one of the reasons she’s made it her life’s work to help companies and workers find the best match. The president of metro [...]

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Podcast S2E31: Scott MacGregor – The importance of a clear corporate purpose

Listen here: Idea to Value: We are a community of creativity and innovation experts, led by Nick Skillicorn, providing insights and advice on getting better ideas, how to make them happen, becoming more innovative and delivering more value.

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For Sustained Success, Say No To Now And Yes To Later

Every CEO will tell you that the most important asset in their company is their people. When I ask fellow CEOs, "What does the next level look like for your business and what will it take to get there?" the answer is almost always centered around the importance of their current people and people they [...]

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Jaime Lannon Diglio ’00: Activate people by focusing on their strengths

Jaime Lannon Diglio ’00 is a sales and leadership coach, helping small and mid-sized companies develop their sales and leadership talent and manage through organizational change. She recently became President at SomethingNew, a talent acquisition and consulting company, and calls herself a sales talent optimizer. “The way to activate people is by focusing on their [...]

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New York, NY – January 16, 2019 – SomethingNew LLC is extremely excited to add Jaime Lannon Diglio to their growing team.  Jaime will be assuming the newly created role of President. In this role Jaime will be working with the SomethingNew LLC team to continue to aggressively expand their already successful talent acquisition/recruiting business [...]

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Women Who Make a Difference: Meet Jaime Diglio

Women Who Make a Difference — our series dedicated to the trailblazing, world-changing, ceiling-shattering women of our communities. Innovators. Entrepreneurs. Warriors. Mothers. Sisters. Daughters. Real women. Stay tuned every month as we shine a light on the amazing women fighting to change the world. “I have a deep commitment to building diverse teams, and I’ve [...]

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Women in Finance panel: Support the woman next to you

“There has never been a better time for women to go into financial services,” Cheryl Nash, President of Investment Services at Fiserv, declared during her keynote address at Alumni Engagement Day's Women in Finance forum. The forum brought together a wide range of professionals, including some of Bryant's...Read full article HERE

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“Building Real Relationships”

July 20th  Scott MacGregor, Chris Kelly and Chris Grasso were featured on the panel at the Boston Enterprise Sales Forum on"Building Real Relationships." Click here to watch the recorded Livestream.

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Welcome Phil Boeding, Vice President of Recruiting, Financial Services

We are incredibly excited to have Phil Boeding on our growing team. Phil's diverse background in Financial Services and FinTech makes him the perfect addition to continue to grow and head up our FS & FinTech practice. The combination of a servants mentality and intellect to spare are just two of the reasons we are [...]

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National “TrySomethingNew Week”

July 9-15 is National TrySomethingNew Week! So who proclaimed this week as a national holiday? We did. Yes, it's true, we made it up and there is really nothing anyone can do about it other than to be jealous that they didn't think about making up their own company holiday. Why a national holiday you [...]

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