SomethingNew was founded to significantly impact employee’s lives and the organizations they partner with by discovering mutually beneficial opportunities. We accomplish our purpose by adhering to these core values:

  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Attention to detail
  • Professionalism
  • Laser focus
  • Giving back


We use a proven process called Accurate Search Accelerated Placement (ASAP™) to ensure that we understand exactly what our clients and candidates are looking for. This eliminates wasted time by guaranteeing no wild goose chases or shots in the dark. We also diligently follow up on every candidate and placement (successful or not) to make sure we understand what went right and where we can make improvements. This laser focus helps us make sure future candidates and placements are delivered with even more accuracy and speed.


From the ASAP™ we create a customized Candidate Review Form.  This document clarifies all of the qualifications necessary for someone to be successful in the particular job and then assigns them a numerical grade (10 being the candidate is an A+ for that qualification) and a multiplier based on if it is a “Must have”, “Important” or “Nice to have”.  This ensures that hiring is more of a data driven decision rather than getting mislead by putting too much or too little weight on one area of strength or weakness.  The Candidate Review Form is filled out by SomethingNew and is then submitted with each candidate we present.  The stakeholders in the clients interviewing process are then encouraged to use the same tool so that they can easily review each others scoring and have productive data driven discussions about a candidate.  The scoring also helps to review all of the candidates that SomethingNew has submitted as objectively as possible.


SomethingNew also recognizes that while we are experts in the field of recruiting it is impossible to be an expert in every sales and marketing job in all industries.  Because of this, we employ a large network of subject matter experts to help us go beyond our knowledge level and we leverage their expertise as a subject matter expert to ensure that candidates are as qualified as possible.  In some cases our subject matter experts will spend time simply helping us to understand better the small nuances that only a subject matter expert would know that will make a candidate successful in a particular job opportunity.  Their involvement can also extend to them reviewing candidates resumes, LinkedIn profiles and even interviewing the candidates themselves along with the SomethingNew staff.